How to choose the color of eye shadow?

eye shadowMatching the appropriate eye shadow usually is a problem for many women. Properly selected colors may nicely emphasize the eye color and make it look more attractive. When you are doing your eye makeup, you can choose the colors harmonious to your iris or a contrasting one, which bring out the color. The alternative is to choose neutral colors that fit to almost any eye color - beige and brown are safe and perfect for everyday makeup and a more glamorous one, for example a smoky eye.

 Eyes blue or gray eyes - choose colors such as gray, blue, pastel pink, purple, gold, brown, orange, burgundy. Brown eyes - choose colors such as beige, brown, gray, coral, peach, blue, purple, purple. Green eyes - choose colors such as blue, green, purple, brown, purple. Following the selection of the color of eye shadow you should pay attention not only to the color of your iris, but also your hair color and on skin shade. Just test different colors or simply choose the neutral ones, which always look elegant.