Makeup for sensitive skin

makeupWomen with sensitive and allergic complexion often have problems with doing their makeup. Many cosmetics contain sensitizing ingredients, so a daily makeup can be a big problem.

Primers, foundations and powders tend to sensitize frequently, often because of their strong smell and other artificial components. The second place is occupied by mascaras and eyeliners because they have a high content of preservatives and silicone. Having a sensitive and skin allergy problems does not mean you have to compromise on makeup cosmetics, but you have to choose them carefully.

Select special hypoallergenic cosmetics, especially of good brands that have been developed specifically for sensitive skin or bio products that contain only pure natural extracts made from high quality raw materials.


Before you buy a new cosmetic test it. In the drugstore you can request a free sample or try cosmetic testers when they are available. Do not test products on your hands. The skin is thicker there, making it less permeable to allergens, which is why you should use the cosmetic on your face.