Waterproof makeup - when to use it?

Waterproof makeupWaterproof makeup can be very useful not only in the pool or the sea. Also you can use it if you like a long lasting effect. It is chosen on occasions like weddings, banquets or business meeting. Waterproof cosmetics have specific compositions that make them more resistant not only to water, but also tears and sweat. Which waterproof cosmetics are available in the market? How to wash waterproof makeup?

The choice is sizable, you can buy: waterproof mascaras – they are resistant not only to water, but also tears or sweat, lipsticks, which have additional fixatives, waterproof eyeliners and eyeliners, and even eye shadows - there usually have a thick creamy texture, and water-resistant primers and powders.


Thanks to special waterproof cosmetics you can achieve a long lasting make up without being afraid that it will look bad. The problem, however, may be at times removing it. You should use two-phase lotions or liquids with oils specially designed for that purpose. Do not rub your eyes but gently put a cotton pad with a lotion, wait until it dissolves the makeup, then remove it. Trying to find escort London londonpleasure ? Check out this page: londonpleasure.com