How to choose and apply a makeup blush?

makeup blushA blush color should match your natural blushes or the natural color of the lips. Of course, the colors do not have to be completely identical, but pay attention to the pigment and the warm or cool tones and select the closest shade to achieve a natural look.

Apply blush powder with a brush in the size adjusted to the cheekbones. This may be a bristle brush with a slanted or semicircular structure with dense hair, so that the application is more precise. Apply cream blushes with fingers, gently patting and rubbing them on your skin. You can also use a bronzer instead of a blush, you will achieve a natural and sunny look.


Remember that you can contour your face with a blush, for example, it can be more slender. When your face is round sweep the cheeks with a blush, starting from the ear along the cheekbone toward the mouth. With a square face you can achieve a nicer face oval when the blush will be applied on the cheekbone descending down. When your face is oblong, apply it to cheekbones at a height below the outer corners of the eyes.