Eyeliner - how to use it?

EyelinerEyeliner is a makeup cosmetic for both lower and upper eyelids. It differs from pencils in its more liquid form. Thanks to eyeliners it is possible to make thin lines along the lash line – how to do such a makeup?

Even a good eyeliner requires a suitable primer on the eyelid. After applying the primer or a foundation on the eyelid, apply a matte powder. That will make the eyeliner more durable and longer to last – even the whole day. Start the eye makeup by tracing the inner corner of the eye (at this point it should be the thinnest line, the thickest point of the line should be placed at the outer corner). You can complete the outline by pulling the line slightly beyond the outer corner of the eye, characteristically waving me toward the top.


Select a type of eyeliner that will be perfect for you - easy to use eyeliner in the pen or with a thin brush. Most of the eyeliners are in black color, but also you can buy brown, green, blue or even gold or silver ones. Do not be discouraged if the line does not come out even. After some time you get to the practice and its making will be just a moment to you.