How to find the best foundation?

best foundationWithout it, it is difficult to do a good makeup. His task is to smooth the skin, hiding her minor flaws and also subtracts years. Makeup foundation is a cosmetic that is not easy to choose well. You should take into account both the skin type and its shade.

There are many types of foundations in stores: satin, matting, hiding wrinkles. It is therefore important to know at least a few general principles, as not to buy products that are inappropriate for you.

Matting foundation is designed for oily and combination skin. Satin one is gentle, but it does not fulfill its task if there are spots on the face or pores. Anti-age foundation, as the name suggests, is suitable for mature skin. A highly opaque one useful when you need to hide broken capillaries.


As for color, the foundation firstly should be tested in different colors. Many samples in different shades can be obtained drugstores. You should test the foundation on the face and see it in daylight. You also have to know that many foundations may darken over time, so choose a slightly lighter one or a product that does not darken that much.