Concealer - easily hides all the imperfections

ConcealerPigmentation, pimples, broken capillaries, scars, wrinkles, bruising are unwanted surprises. How to hide them? There is a solution for problems like that– concealer.

Concealer is the best way to perfect opacity and to erase imperfections without a visible layer on the entire face. There are several types of concealers - nude-colored, green, pink or yellow depending on the imperfections you want to hide.

It should be applied precisely and carefully - pat the skin so it becomes invisible. The color should precisely match the color of your complexion. Exceptions are concealers for special tasks, for example a green one to hide the red spots. After applying the equalizer powder it gently. Concealer can be mixed also with cream or foundation to get the perfect texture and opacity needed.


Makeup concealer is an excellent product that should be in every woman's make-up purse. It just takes a few moments to look nice and to hide imperfections. The choice is enormous - you are sure to find the perfect one.