Is makeup is healthy?

sensitive skinMost women cannot imagine a day without makeup. We like to be beautiful to look young and attractive. But is makeup completely safe and healthy for your skin?

Modern cosmetics, not only does not harm, but even care for our skin. Primers, foundations and powders contain sunscreen, many active ingredients and nourishing moisturizers. You can also choose mineral cosmetics – they are cosmetics that consist of natural components derived from naturally-occurring elements. In addition, they are enriched with macronutrients, which not only nourish our skin, but also to support the fight against the imperfections.

The main thing is to choose cosmetics matched to your skin. If you have a problem with acne - choose such cosmetics that are designed for acne. If your skin is prone to allergies - choose hypoallergenic cosmetics. Mineral cosmetics is the perfect way for women with sensitive skin prone to allergies or acne, but also you have many more offers. Look for higher quality products from good companies – you sometimes have to pay more, but you will be certainly satisfied. Visit Confidential London escort agency and take Your girl for companion.