Summer makeup

Summer makeupDo not overdo your makeup in the summer – it is that time of the year when your skin is naturally beautiful. But also it is very important to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

During the summer you should think about a light makeup. It will not clog your skin and it will look more healthy.

It is better to give up heavy foundations. You should also remember that tanned skin requires different color cosmetics. You can also buy a tanned skin bronzer. BB and CC creams, preferably those with light-reflective flecks, are ideal for summer makeup. These creams are light and provide optimal hydration. If you have a problem with a glowing complexion, buy good mattifying powder or special wipes - just apply it to the skin to immediately remove sebum.


You also should have a waterproof mascara, and other waterproof cosmetics, such as eyeliner or an eye shadow – they will last longer, even for the whole day. Put a balm or a lip gloss on your lips. Heavy lipstick should be left for the evening or cooler days. Have a good summer! Lovely companion girls from London escort agency.

Is makeup is healthy?

sensitive skinMost women cannot imagine a day without makeup. We like to be beautiful to look young and attractive. But is makeup completely safe and healthy for your skin?

Modern cosmetics, not only does not harm, but even care for our skin. Primers, foundations and powders contain sunscreen, many active ingredients and nourishing moisturizers. You can also choose mineral cosmetics – they are cosmetics that consist of natural components derived from naturally-occurring elements. In addition, they are enriched with macronutrients, which not only nourish our skin, but also to support the fight against the imperfections.

The main thing is to choose cosmetics matched to your skin. If you have a problem with acne - choose such cosmetics that are designed for acne. If your skin is prone to allergies - choose hypoallergenic cosmetics. Mineral cosmetics is the perfect way for women with sensitive skin prone to allergies or acne, but also you have many more offers. Look for higher quality products from good companies – you sometimes have to pay more, but you will be certainly satisfied. Visit Confidential London escort agency and take Your girl for companion.



Makeup for sensitive skin

makeupWomen with sensitive and allergic complexion often have problems with doing their makeup. Many cosmetics contain sensitizing ingredients, so a daily makeup can be a big problem.

Primers, foundations and powders tend to sensitize frequently, often because of their strong smell and other artificial components. The second place is occupied by mascaras and eyeliners because they have a high content of preservatives and silicone. Having a sensitive and skin allergy problems does not mean you have to compromise on makeup cosmetics, but you have to choose them carefully.

Select special hypoallergenic cosmetics, especially of good brands that have been developed specifically for sensitive skin or bio products that contain only pure natural extracts made from high quality raw materials.


Before you buy a new cosmetic test it. In the drugstore you can request a free sample or try cosmetic testers when they are available. Do not test products on your hands. The skin is thicker there, making it less permeable to allergens, which is why you should use the cosmetic on your face.

Waterproof makeup - when to use it?

Waterproof makeupWaterproof makeup can be very useful not only in the pool or the sea. Also you can use it if you like a long lasting effect. It is chosen on occasions like weddings, banquets or business meeting. Waterproof cosmetics have specific compositions that make them more resistant not only to water, but also tears and sweat. Which waterproof cosmetics are available in the market? How to wash waterproof makeup?

The choice is sizable, you can buy: waterproof mascaras – they are resistant not only to water, but also tears or sweat, lipsticks, which have additional fixatives, waterproof eyeliners and eyeliners, and even eye shadows - there usually have a thick creamy texture, and water-resistant primers and powders.


Thanks to special waterproof cosmetics you can achieve a long lasting make up without being afraid that it will look bad. The problem, however, may be at times removing it. You should use two-phase lotions or liquids with oils specially designed for that purpose. Do not rub your eyes but gently put a cotton pad with a lotion, wait until it dissolves the makeup, then remove it. Trying to find escort London londonpleasure ? Check out this page:

How to choose and apply a makeup blush?

makeup blushA blush color should match your natural blushes or the natural color of the lips. Of course, the colors do not have to be completely identical, but pay attention to the pigment and the warm or cool tones and select the closest shade to achieve a natural look.

Apply blush powder with a brush in the size adjusted to the cheekbones. This may be a bristle brush with a slanted or semicircular structure with dense hair, so that the application is more precise. Apply cream blushes with fingers, gently patting and rubbing them on your skin. You can also use a bronzer instead of a blush, you will achieve a natural and sunny look.


Remember that you can contour your face with a blush, for example, it can be more slender. When your face is round sweep the cheeks with a blush, starting from the ear along the cheekbone toward the mouth. With a square face you can achieve a nicer face oval when the blush will be applied on the cheekbone descending down. When your face is oblong, apply it to cheekbones at a height below the outer corners of the eyes.

Concealer - easily hides all the imperfections

ConcealerPigmentation, pimples, broken capillaries, scars, wrinkles, bruising are unwanted surprises. How to hide them? There is a solution for problems like that– concealer.

Concealer is the best way to perfect opacity and to erase imperfections without a visible layer on the entire face. There are several types of concealers - nude-colored, green, pink or yellow depending on the imperfections you want to hide.

It should be applied precisely and carefully - pat the skin so it becomes invisible. The color should precisely match the color of your complexion. Exceptions are concealers for special tasks, for example a green one to hide the red spots. After applying the equalizer powder it gently. Concealer can be mixed also with cream or foundation to get the perfect texture and opacity needed.


Makeup concealer is an excellent product that should be in every woman's make-up purse. It just takes a few moments to look nice and to hide imperfections. The choice is enormous - you are sure to find the perfect one.

How to find the best foundation?

best foundationWithout it, it is difficult to do a good makeup. His task is to smooth the skin, hiding her minor flaws and also subtracts years. Makeup foundation is a cosmetic that is not easy to choose well. You should take into account both the skin type and its shade.

There are many types of foundations in stores: satin, matting, hiding wrinkles. It is therefore important to know at least a few general principles, as not to buy products that are inappropriate for you.

Matting foundation is designed for oily and combination skin. Satin one is gentle, but it does not fulfill its task if there are spots on the face or pores. Anti-age foundation, as the name suggests, is suitable for mature skin. A highly opaque one useful when you need to hide broken capillaries.


As for color, the foundation firstly should be tested in different colors. Many samples in different shades can be obtained drugstores. You should test the foundation on the face and see it in daylight. You also have to know that many foundations may darken over time, so choose a slightly lighter one or a product that does not darken that much.

Eyeliner - how to use it?

EyelinerEyeliner is a makeup cosmetic for both lower and upper eyelids. It differs from pencils in its more liquid form. Thanks to eyeliners it is possible to make thin lines along the lash line – how to do such a makeup?

Even a good eyeliner requires a suitable primer on the eyelid. After applying the primer or a foundation on the eyelid, apply a matte powder. That will make the eyeliner more durable and longer to last – even the whole day. Start the eye makeup by tracing the inner corner of the eye (at this point it should be the thinnest line, the thickest point of the line should be placed at the outer corner). You can complete the outline by pulling the line slightly beyond the outer corner of the eye, characteristically waving me toward the top.


Select a type of eyeliner that will be perfect for you - easy to use eyeliner in the pen or with a thin brush. Most of the eyeliners are in black color, but also you can buy brown, green, blue or even gold or silver ones. Do not be discouraged if the line does not come out even. After some time you get to the practice and its making will be just a moment to you.